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All sessions are virtual! So you can live ANYWHERE and we can work together!

Introductory Mini Coaching Session

What you want to change in your life? What are your motivators? What are your strengths? We will discuss how coaching can help you achieve true wellness in your life once and for all, and you will walk away with a simple plan to start your wellness journey.

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20 minutes- FREE

Comprehensive Coaching Session

We will use the wellness assessment that you had completed as your starting point on your wellness journey. By the end of our session, you will have a well defined wellness vision, 3 month goals and short term goals to propel you towards true wellness.

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75-90 minutes

Four Pack of Follow Up Sessions

In these sessions, we will continue to work towards your wellness vision, set realistic goals as you continue to move forward. You will build upon your key strengths and gain confidence to guide you towards your wellness vision.

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30 minutes each

Contact me now learn more or to schedule your intro session!

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